Gary Light

Chief Information Officer

With over 12 years banking experience, Gary Light started off his career as a clerk in the banking industry in July 1995 and quickly progressed to an operational controller, personal banker and in 2001, a business analyst. Over this period of time, Gary light was part of various Interbank Project Groups and dealt extensively with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) Directive Projects.

In December 2001, Gary Light joined the Card Industry and operationally managed the conversion of various card systems. In 2006 and 2007, he was Chairman of the Association of Bank Card Issuers (ABCI) Chargeback Sub-Committee, where he aimed to stabilise the chargeback department by developing optimising projects.

Gary Light has gained vast experience in the banking sector ranging from product management, sales (retail and personal banking), business analysis, project management, accounting (reconciliation of numerous suspense accounts), leadership, operational management (budget, process and risk management), compliance and business re-engineering.

In November 2008 Gary Light joined The IDM Group (IDM) as Head of Operations and now fulfils the role of Chief Information Officer. He has optimised the business unit's performance on 3 levels namely process, people and systems and is constantly finding new and improved ways of doing business.