Job Title: Assistant Manager, Financial Consulting

Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Law - University of Cape Town

IDM Story: : I joined Debtbusters in November 2012 and by December had found my spot in Financial Consulting. In my first year, I really enjoyed spending my time helping as many people as possible, and rose through the ranks to become a team leader in December 2013. I learned so much in that role and spent my time growing and training my team, escalating queries with credit providers and working on a variety of projects to improve our processes. In April 2015 I became the assistant manager. Here I spent even more time on developing processes and tools and found a passion for this. In November 2015 the department changed dramatically and we introduced a filtering team to channel each client to the area that could best assist them. This time was very exciting in my area as we needed to take every part of the client interaction apart and redesign it. We also had to change the performance measures and retrain many of our staff.

Why Bridget Works at IDM: : I love that I get to be a part of improving someone's life every single day. I am so proud that the work I do means that the future of another South African is secured. In a time where the economic challenges seem to be insurmountable, we provide a space where a client can find relief.